Visuart OnLine School

School of Cartoon and Graphic Art by Internet!

What is Visuart On-line School? Why do I have to pay to take the course?

Visuart is an art school via the internet with virtual classrooms, care services, teachers and teaching materials, that’s why it follows the same policy fees and costs as any conventional school. On-line visuart is not a space on the internet to download tutorials, pictures, books or files that are scattered without criteria or organization of teaching and service. On-line Visuart is recommended for those who really want to learn how to draw!

What is the pre-requisite for a course?

To be a minimum of 12 years old for Manga and Cartoon Characters courses and 14 years old for other courses; good internet connection (broadband or 3G radio); microphone and webcam; scanner, digital camera or cell phone to take pictures of the work.

Is this course recommended for those who have never tried to draw?

It is not necessary to have knowledge of drawing to take the courses at Visuart On-line but willpower and dedication, our method starts from the most basic concepts and progresses to professional techniques.

I have no webcam. Can I take the course anyway?

Yes, you can interact through chats and discussion forums.

What is the minimum connection speed of the internet to study?

You need a broadband connection that allows you watch videos and interact through multimedia resources in order to participate in the videoconferences. If on your computer you can watch videos from channels like YouTube and talk through Skype, then you will have no problems with our virtual room.

What is the duration of a full course?

The duration depends greatly on the time available and the dedication of the student but the average is 12-18 months. We try to respect the rhythm of each person and get the best results possible without forcing a lot on the student.

I have to hurry! Can I take the course in less time?

We respect the pace and style of each student but one thing is sure: if you really want to learn, you must follow the teaching directions and dedicate yourself. In Visuart On-line commitment is required! There are no immediate results; you learn drawing through practicing with dedication and diligence!

I already know to draw, do i need to go through the whole process of the course?

Yes, one cannot do without the established didactic process. The difference (and advantage) of those who already know to draw is that they can move faster because, as we have emphasized, we respect the pace and style of each student.

If I want to do more than one course is any discount offered?

Yes, for this please contact our customer service by clicking on "contact us" specifying which courses you want to add as soon as possible.

Is some extra fee in addition to the course fee charged?

No, the price of the course includes everything; we do not charge any additional fee (tuition, virtual books, withdrawal, etc.).

 I decided to give up the course. Will my money be returned?

We do not do refund what was paid. You invested in the drawing course, you should do it! Your registration is a commercial commitment; only make it if you are sure you want to study at our school!

Can I put my enrollment on hold and come back later?

Yes, if you notify us in advance. You paid for the course and have every right to do it even if something unforeseen occurs and you have to resume later!

In the case of returning to the course after a while can I continue where I left off or will I have to start all over again?

Normally we do a quick review of what has been studied so that the student rediscovers their pace!

Does the teaching material arrives via mail?

The access to all study materials is through the internet in the virtual classroom. Interaction is all on-line; nothing is mailed with the exception of the student card and the Certificate of Completion for the course!

Are there materials to be purchased (Books, DVDs, etc.) or is it included in the course fee?

By paying for the course the student has access to the full teaching and learning materials, this includes online virtual books for viewing and printing in addition to video lessons that will be assisted in its own virtual room; there are no additional costs during the course beyond what has already been paid!

Should I download the virtual books and video classes in my PC?

We do not provide attachments, everything is provided in its own secure area of the virtual classroom. The video lessons can be watched anytime and virtual books can be printed directly from the preview area of the same.

Corrections of my drawings are done by email?

No, the whole process of learning and communication with your teacher and classmates is done directly in the virtual classroom in the appropriate areas for interaction and correction activities.

Do I have to be available at the fixed time to follow the classes?

You set up your own schedule according to your time availability for studying and we always respect the pace of each student, thus obtaining the best possible results.

Is there a certain time to enter the virtual room?

The virtual classroom is available 24 hours for posting works, participation in forums, consulting and printing virtual books, watching video lessons, etc. Only the weekly chats and videoconference are pre-scheduled but if the student does not participate, we maintain history of the chats to keep track of what happened.

Are there individual attendants to answer questions beyond chat and videoconference?

We have a panel of Instant Messaging where students type their questions and are answered as soon as possible on the same day.

During the course are we taught about the materials used to draw?

Yes, it is taught from the most basic techniques (pencil) and moves into the professional techniques (including color study).

What are the operating systems and devices that support the online school?

The virtual room is configured for all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, etc. and can be accessed by PC, MAC, Mobile Phones and Tablets.

I want to work with multimedia and animation. I need to know how to draw?

Surely the design is the great differentiator for success in any branch of the visual arts, especially animation and multimedia. Many want to do animation or graphic works without knowing how to draw. One should learn to draw first before venturing into digital art. Without drawing you cannot create anything!

After completing this course will I be able to draw as a professional?

Yes, the courses are vocational. Just look at the students' work displayed on the site.

Does Visuart offer any referral to the market?

The school maintains contact with various professionals and promotes extra activities in the internet as workshops and lectures as well as suggestions for demonstration of portfolios.

Will I receive a diploma after finishing the course?

Yes, we issue a diploma after finishing the course and a student card during the course.